About us

Dar ul Hijrah Pakistani National School and College, Madinah is an English medium school, designed primarily to fulfill the educational needs of the Pakistani children of Madinah Munawarah up to intermediate level. It started its journey as Pakistan International School Airport Road, Madina in April 1998. In 1999, it was affiliated with FBISE (Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education) Islamabad and came under the supervision of Saudi Ministry of Education by joining the hands with a great Saudi Institution of Madinah Munawwarah named Madaris Dar ul Hijrah Al-Shawi which is established since 1965. Now it is working under the name of Dar ul Hijrah Pakistani National School and College which is recognised by Saudi Ministry of Education and affiliated with FBISE Islamabad for SSC and HSSC classes. Dar ul Hijrah School has been approved as examination centre for SSC and HSSC classes from FBISE Islamabad and for Bachelor and Master Degrees by The University of Punjab Lahore and The Preston University Islamabad.

Dar ul Hijrah schoolis the first private institute in KSA which secured permanent Affiliation of FBISE in 2009, on the basis of its academic progress, experienced and qualified staff, proper school building, well equipped laboratories and admirable learning environment.

The original school began with a single campus which now has been expanded to three different wings, i.e. Junior wing, Girls' wing & Boys' wing with separate campuses, faculty and facilities. Throughout its history, the school has provided innovative education, which focuses on individual student needs. The school provides the most up-to-date teaching methodology and technology with practices that best support students' learning.

We are focused to educate and inspire all students intellectually, socially, morally and physically providing them a friendly, supportive and learning environment within a school firmly based on Islamic principles.

Our vision is to create confident, responsible and independent individuals with great moral values who achieve their full potential as lifelong learners, thinkers and productive contributors towards Islamic as well as global society.

The basic right of each person, is essential to personal empowerment and civic responsibility.
Student first:
Our students are our first priority
High expectations:
All children are capable of learning and achieving at high standards.
We value integrity, diversity and respect for all.
Teaching and learning:
Well planned and creative teaching and rigorous curriculums are the foundations for high quality learning.
Learning environment:
All students can and will learn when institution is engaging, rigorous and individualized with peaceful and supportive environment.
Classroom discipline and management are integral parts of instructional practice.
Health and safety:
We all have an obligation to promote a healthy, safe and secure environment.
Establishment and use of complete academic and general record of students help us to track progress and foster continuous improvement.
Key to success:
Success requires shared responsibility, collaboration and communication among all, staff, families,students and community.
Message from Boys Section

Dar ul Hijrah Pakistani National School Madinah prepares its students for each successive step of their academic careers. However,

Message from Girls Section

Welcome to official website of Dar ul Hijrah Pakistani National School (DHPNSC) Madinah Munawwarah Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Principal: Mr. Sikandar Hayat Khan
Coordinators: Mr. Nabeel Ahmed Khan
Controller of Exams: Mr. Kashif Tufail
Accountant: Mr. Abdul Aziz
Teachers' Name
Mr. Muhammad Ashraf Qadri MSc. Statistics  
Mr. Kashif Tufail B.Com , M.A Economics  
Mr. Hafiz Khalid Mehmood M.A. Islamyat & Sociology  
Mr. Khalid Hassan M.Sc. Physics (B.Ed)  
Mr. Muhammad Akram M.Sc. Physics (B.Ed)  
Mr. Sajjad Hussain M.A. English (B.Ed.) , TEFL  
Mr. Sadeeq Ahmed M.A. English (B.Ed.)  
Mr. Waqas Afzal M.Sc.. Mathematics (Part-I)  
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed M.Sc. Statistics (B.Ed.)  
Mr. Maqsood ur Rehman M.A. Arabic & Islamyat  
Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Raza M.Sc. Botany (B.Ed.)  
Mr. Muhammad Khalid Anwar M.Sc. Honours (Agriculture)  
Mr. Qaisar Qadeer M.Sc. Psychology  
Mr. Nizamullah M.A. Education  
Mr. Shafqat Mehmood B.Sc. (Zoo.,Bot.,Chem.)  
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Malik B.Sc. (Math, Physics)  
Organizational Forums (Boys’ Wing)
Admission Committee
Mr. Sajjad Hussain (In Charge)
Mr. Waqas Afzal
Mr. Nizamullah
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Malik
Discipline Committee
Mr. Muhammad Akram (In Charge)Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Sadiq
Mr. Qaisar Qadeer
Examination Board
Mr. Kashif Tufail (Controller of Exams)
Mr. Khalid Hassan
Mr. Sadeeq Ahmed
Sports Committee
Mr. Maqsood ur Rehman (In Charge)
Mr. Qaisar Qadeer
Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Raza
Society of Literature and Art
Mr. Sadeeq Ahmed
Mr. Maqsood ur Rehman Hijazi
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Malik
Science Club
Mr. Khalid Hassan (In Charge)
Mr. Fiaz Ahmed Raza
Mr. Shafqat Mehmood
Mr. Nizamullah
Islamic Society
Mr. Hafiz Khalid Mehmood (In Charge)
Mr. Maqsood ur Rehman Hijazi
Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Sadiq
Rules and Regulations

Good order and discipline are essential to the provision of high standards of learning and teaching. We expect students to behave responsibly, recognizing the rights of others to be physically safe, emotionally secure, and to pursue their own learning without interference.
Social, ethical and moral values
•Every student must obey the laws and principles of Islam and respect cultural and moral values of the Saudi Society
•Every student must respect and obey their parents
•Every student must obey and respect school heads, teachers, and staff of the school.
•Every student should show respect and use appropriate language in communicating with others.
•Every student should be punctual to school and use the time valuably
•Every student should make good use of the opportunities presented to them, be committed and hardworking
•Every student should learn to economize. •Every student should respect their elders and show caring for the young.
School Timings

School timing during Spring and Summer is normally from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm & during Autumn and Winter is 8:00 am. to 2:00 pm.
School observes changes in school timings during exam days or extremely hot weathers which are notified to parents time to time.
It is compulsory for parents to take their children home in time, at the end of school.
Regularity & Punctuality
Students should be punctual and regular in attending school to ensure continuity of their learning. We rigorously follow up unexplained absence. We work closely with parents to identify problems and ensure full attendance.
80 % presence is required at minimum.  The student who makes consecutive absentees of five days in any month without application will be struck off.
The presence of every student in assembly is compulsory. Late comers are strongly discouraged and fined also.
Vacations and Holidays
Holidays and vacation are the means of relaxation which is important for the students to continue their study cycle more efficiently.
• Weekly two days (Friday and Saturday) are off.
• Holidays of about a week for Eid ul Fitr.
• Holidays of about a week for Hajj and Eid ul Azha
• Summer vacation of two months (July and August)
• Winter vacation of about two weeks at the end of December or start of January.
• Spring vacation of about two weeks in May.
Personal Hygiene
• Personal hygiene is essential for social and physical of a person.
• Take a bath daily.
• Brush your teeth, at least twice a day.
• Hair of every student must be cut and managed properly.
• Nails should be cut short. Nail polish is not allowed.
• Keep the wash rooms clean and use water economically.
• Don’t spit anywhere and use tissue papers.
Especially for Nursery Kids
It is extremely important that your child is fully toilet-trained before starting in Nursery. Please also make sure that they can ask an adult when they need to use the toilet. Of course, “accidents” happen from time to time, so please pack a spare set of clothes in your child’s bag.
In the Classroom
• Come to class prepared with all the materials you need.
• Give your full attention to the teacher or student who is speaking.
• Behave in a manner that does not disrupt classroom learning or the operation of the school.
• Homework and classwork assignments should be completed neatly, carefully, and on time.
• During the absence of a Teacher; it is essential that the student heed to the supervising prefect or monitor. 
When School is not Liable
While every care will be taken to prevent accidents, the school will not be liable for injuries sustained by the pupil in the course of everyday activities.
The students must take care of their stationery, books and notebooks. In case of any misplacement, school is not responsible.
Damages and Losses
Students should take care of everything during their stay at school. Cost of replacement will be charged for intentional breakages, damages and losses.
Things Prohibited to Students
• Smoking
• Abuse of narcotic drugs
• Riding vehicles without the license
• Involving in physical activities with each other where the societal, behavioral norms are breached.
• Being in the school uniform other than for school activities
• Wearing any type of jewelry.
• Having make-up except for school plays, parties, etc
• Dying, colouring or bleaching of hair and applying hair gel.
• Being a part or participating in any fight or quarrel.
• Using language except English and Urdu.
• Friendship of the students having large difference in their ages
• Mobile, play station, memory cards, substandard or biased literature and CD’s etcIn addition to what is mentioned above, anything that breaches the Islamic law and the nbsp;  Constitutional Law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia..
Who will be expelled from the school?
A student will be removed from school for:
• Failure in the same class for two consecutive years.
• Disobedience and Disrespect towards Staff Members.
• A bad habit.
• Feeling that He / She is of dubious moral character.
• Irregular attendance.
• Distribution or Introduction of harmful, obscene literature.
• Leaving the school without the expressed permission of the Principal.
• Habitual late payments.
• Fighting or quarreling
• Escaping from the school during school timing.
• Damage of school property.
Taking action against rule breakers
• Action, against the students breaching the rules and regulations, is always taken in accordance with the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Education. These include:
• Giving advice and recording the problem
• Suspending from sports and other activities according to the school policy
• Informing the parent and reminding the parent of their duty
• Suspending the student for a limited time
• Warning about expelling the student from school Expelling the student from school