Why Dar-ul-Hijrah

We are proud, not just of our excellent history of achievements, but also of our tradition of supporting our students in all aspects of their learning. We are determined to equip our students with all those skills and knowledge that help them throughout their lives.

Qualified Staff
To uplift the quality of education Dar-ul-Hijrah has never compromised with the quality of teaching staff. ALHAMD O LILLAH qualified, able, hardworking, experienced and trained teachers in every department are teaching with great devotion.
Schools are judged on their examination results. By the grace of Allah Dar ul Hijrah not only shows school exam results extraordinary but also its performance in board exams is brilliant. For the last 14 years Dar ul Hijrah School scored more than 80% success in SSC and HSSC exams.
Building plays important role on learning attitude and confidence. The grandeur Dar ul Hijrah’s six storey building carves an impact as a great Alma Maters on the minds of the students. Its rooms are bright airy and fresh and provide serene atmosphere for learning.
The principle of science, the definition almost, is the following: “ The test of all knowledge is experiment”. Dar ul Hijrah, by the grace of Allah has well equipped labs which have sufficient material for the students to perform practicals prescribed in their syllabus. Our Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer labs have always been admired by the Federal Board teams and other visitors.
It is a day light fact that access to school library and school librarian results in more voluntary  reading by students. We are trying to provide our students maximum range of books. It looks impossible to provide all that material publishing in the world, but we are trying our best to get as
much as we can. Our mission is to ensure that students can find information in many formats and effectively use it.
Broad range of Curriculum
Dar ul Hijrah has been recognised by Saudi Education Ministry under the license number 89/s.
Dar ul Hijrah has permanent affiliation with FBISE Islamabad. Its FBISE centre codes are SSC-7751 and HSSC-738.
For Bachelor and Master Degrees, it has been approved as examination centre by “ The University of Punjab “ Lahore and “ Preston University “ Islamabad.
Co-curricular Activities
Although academic excellence is important, a rounded personality is not built entirely within the confines of classroom. Academic talents flourish best in the context of a balanced personality. So students need to take interest in extra-curricular activities.

Annual Sports Week

Every year annual sports week is arranged at the end of December or the start of January. The students enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor games.
Literary Events
Besides sports, students have many opportunities to exhibit their talent in Debates, Speeches, Na’at,  Recitation of Holy Qur’an, National Song, Quiz and Art competition.
Educational Visits
There is a great difference between the things which the student imagine after reading a book and what is actual in real life. Every year we arrange a visit to an industry or a historical place which the students learn in their books.
Science Exhibition
We also give opportunity to the students to expose their hidden talent in the practical field of science. Students prepare their scientific models apparatus and instruments with great interest to win the award of Junior Scientist of the Year.
Frequent Lab Visits
Frequent Lab Visits harmonize the theoretical knowledge of the students with practical work. The students perform experiments included in science and computer syllabus in the peaceful environment of fertile labs of Dar ul Hijrah under the supervision of related teacher.
Physical Training Classes
Physical fitness is necessary for the mental growth of a child. We provide students, the opportunities to keep them physically active and strong by arranging regular physical training classes.
Annual Prize Distribution
Annual Prize Distribution Programme is among the grand event of Dar ul Hijra School. Awards, prizes, medals and appreciation certificates are given to the students showing distinctions in academics, discipline, sports, behaviour and attendance etc. Participation of parents is encouraged and appreciated in this annual programme.
Farewell & Welcome Parties
Farewell and Welcome Parties are the tradition of Dar ul Hijrah. Every year SSC and HSSC classes arrange these parties with great enthusiasm. On these parties the students give warm welcome to the new comers and express their pathetic feelings for those who are about to leave the institution for their further education.